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May Downes


Founder/Managing Director/Registered Manager

Gareth Downes


Financial Director

Hi, my name is Gareth.


I was born and raised in Bradford and still live there to this day. In my younger years I always knew that my mother was a carer and as a child she would often take me in to her place of work to meet some of her service users. We would play jigsaws and board games with them and I really enjoyed it. From a young age I always had this caring nature towards the elderly. My mum would often send me to the shop in the winter for the elderly people on our street. This is when I had my first sense of feeling like I was really helping someone.


As I got older and became more boisterous, I gradually started to forget how it felt to help the elderly and those in need. I had multiple careers and had no real sense of direction with my life. In 2016 my mum told me she was opening up her own care business and asked me for a little help setting things up. I quickly realised that I had forgotten my hidden passion for care and soon quit my job and started to build the fantastic company we have today. I have only worked in care since 2016 but somehow feel like it’s been with me for all of my life. For the first time in my life I feel that the job I do makes a difference to the world we live in.


In my spare time I enjoy walking, sports and spending time with my family. I have two wonderful girls and a fantastic partner who has stood by me through thick and thin.


I`m not sure how the future will unfold, all I can guarantee is that Precious Passionate Care will continue to make positive changes to the world we live in.

Ruford Warrington

Auditing Manager

Gareth Wright

Admin Manager

Natalie Ginley

Personal assistant to the Managing Director

Anita Cameron

Senior Carer

Clare Davis

Quality assurance manager 

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